GJ Magma UAB brief introduction


Since 2019, the company has been implementing LVPA Project No J05—LVPA-K-04-0095 “Scarabaeus agricultural machine research and development” to develop an industrial prototype of the Scarabaeus agricultural machine for the local application of fertilizers or ameliorants to the soil's bottom layer and/or subsoil, subsequently enabling a 5-fold reduction of applied fertilizer or ameliorant, in order to efficiently develop the agronomic properties of fertile soil in degraded or sandy desert soils. Researchers from the Academy of Agriculture of Vytautas Magnus University and the Latvia University of Agriculture are participating in this project as scientific consultants. Methodological practical consultations are carried out by scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, who have 5 years of practical experience in using ameliorant/fertilizer from sapropel for regeneration degraded and desertified soils in arid zones.